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Traditional Publishing Channel

A "traditional publishing channel" (as opposed to POD) refers mainly to the method of printing and distribution. Whereas a print on demand book is paid for up front (before printing), and distributed via the POD channel, traditional channel books are printed in bulk and then distributed by ourselves and/or contracted partners, (in response to orders via the book trade).  

Remember: Books on book shop shelves are lent to shops on credit. That is, bookshops do not usually pay for books until they have sold from the shelves. It is this mechanism, which a traditional route provides for - as opposed to POD, where books are paid for by a customer - before they are actually printed.

The London Press is committed to putting more books through this channel as suitable works arise, and also, whose authors would like to pursue this option. Books in the channel will need to be professionally edited, proofread, and typeset to a high standard. 

Please contact us for details about this option if you feel you have a work which is suitable for this option.