Michael, W Williams



A Brief History of the Royal Navy: Its People, Places and Pets (Hardcover)
by Michael, W Williams 

Hardcover: 284 pages
Publisher: The London Press (1 Jun 2006)
Language English
ISBN: 1905006063

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This short history of the Royal Navy provides a useful overview of Britain's Navy and why it is held in high esteem by those associated with this the 'Senior Service'. It traces the early development of the primary ship of war the battle ship or 'man-o-war'. As well a detailed exploration of the development of the ships itself A Brief History of The Royal Navy also looks at the development of its armament, the cannon and the great guns of the dreadnoughts. 

The role of the Royal Navy was primarily warfare but was also had a defensive role and for some two hundred was responsible for maintaining Britain's supremacy as 'Sovereign of the High Seas'. If Britain 'Ruled the Waves' it was because the Royal Navy policed the oceans of the world and maintained its Empire. The role of women in the Royal Navy is not ignored nor is the ignoble problems of slavery and piracy and more intriguingly there are tales of ghosts-ships. The role of animals as pets and couriers is also unexpected. The glossary is most illuminating and in itself makes this a reference book worth having on any library shelf.

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