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Please Note: This subsection is dealing with the book trade in general. To find out The London Press options in this area that we can offer you - please go to the relevant topic under menu item 'London Press Options' - specifically this page here...

A General Outline Of Print On Demand (POD) Publishing (Self Publishing)

Print on demand (POD) is by far the simplest option available to you.  Put simply, each time a member of the public orders your book from a bookshop or online store (such as Amazon) - a single copy will be automatically printed and distributed. 

If you are deciding whether to self publish, the table below will help you appreciate some of the advantages and disadvantages of this publishing option. 

Print On Demand (Self Publishing) Advantages & Disadvantages



  1. Very low cost start-up.

  2. Book can be printed from a word file.

  3. Good UK & US distribution. 

  4. High quality book & full colour cover.

  5. Book print unit cost is quite reasonable.

  6. Ideal for selling off Amazon.

  7. Your profit margin can be reasonable.

  8. You don't need to sign away your rights.

  9. Good way to test the market - if successful you may be able to publish it in a traditional manner later.

  10. POD channel enables you to order drop shipments of your book (e.g. 5, 10, 100 copies) to be delivered to any address.

  11. No stock needs to be held (resulting in no storage costs).

  1. Print cost doesn't decrease over time or with quantity of books printed at any one time.

  2. By itself a POD channel will not put your book on the shelves in shops such as WH Smith. Getting your book on bookshop shelves will require a separate marketing & promotion campaign which you will be responsible for.

  3. However it will be possible for the public to order your book through book stores - and you can order and purchase books at wholesale prices & so make your own arrangement with bookstores & chains - and/or book chains can order bulk copies direct from us at wholesale prices.

For details of our POD service please see the 'London Press Options' section of this site - specifically the 'London Press Print On Demand Details' page.