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Please Note: This subsection is dealing with the book trade in general. To find out The London Press options in this area that we can offer you - please go to the relevant topic under menu item 'London Press Options' - specifically this page here...

Drop Shipments - What Are They & When Are They Useful

In certain circumstances the requirement is for economical & high quality book printing specifically for distribution within organisations or groups. For example clinics, business's or community groups may require large numbers of books for internal distribution.

Drop shipments of books can be delivered anywhere in the world and if enough books are printed at one time (e.g. >1000 books) then a decreasing unit cost per book can be obtained, i.e. the first three hundred books may cost �3.00 each whereas the next two hundred might be �2.50 each.

The capacity to drop ship is usually included with most print on demand services.


Print & Drop Ship Main Points

  1. Order any quantity of books (e.g. quantities of two upwards) to be printed and delivered to any address in the world (except PO Boxes).

  2. If enough books are ordered, print price per book can start to reduce.

  3. Is particularly suitable if you wish to distribute books yourself within an organisation, clinic, community group, etc.

  4. As with POD you will be responsible for all aspects of book design, marketing and publicity.

As mentioned, drop shipment options are included in our POD service, but within this service books will usually cost the same unit price. However, we have the option to move your book over to litho printing if requirements are large enough (litho also reproduces black and white photographs with far higher resolution). 

For details of the London Press drop shipment service - please see the 'Drop Shipments' page in the 'London Press Options' section of this site.