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eBook Publishing - Publishing Method Of The Future?

eBook publishing is still in its infancy, but it is growing in momentum and importance. Amazon is probably the most important store offering eBooks - and it offers niche publications along with many mainstream books in electronic form.

The most popular format is Adobe Acrobat PDF file type, though Microsoft Reader format is also an option.

The single most important advantage of the eBook format is that the unit cost for each book is negligible as it is the purchaser of the book who prints it out. The files can be secured and limited to the computer of purchase. Also the number of times the eBook is printable - along with the time period in which it can be printed are variables which can be fully set by the publisher.

The table below lists some advantages and disadvantages of eBook publishing.

Advantages & Disadvantages of eBook Publishing



  1. Low setup charge

  2. Unit cost of providing each eBook is negligible - the only real costs are commissions to stores and distributors.

  3. Customers can obtain the eBook instantly - no waiting on the postal service.

  4. No packing and shipping charges.

  5. No stock needs to be held.

  1. eBooks haven't yet become the preferred format of books.

  2. Customers need to read off the screen or print it off themselves.

  3. eBook price tends to be significantly less than paper printed books.

eBook distribution and secure sales is a service we provide - please see please see the 'Publish as eBook' page in the 'London Press Options' section of this site.