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Details About Publishing An eBook With The London Press

Publishing an eBook with The London Press is straightforward and low cost. We will make your eBook available through Amazon in a totally secure format. Some of the features of our service are listed below:

  • After payment by the customer, your eBook will be available for instant download.

  • Your eBook will only be able to be opened on one computer.

  • Printing can be set to be unlimited or limited to a specific number of times.

  • Printing can be set as time limited - i.e. the user will only be able to print the document in the first month after purchase.

  • You set eBook price - taking into account Amazon percentage fees, The London Press percentage (20%) & the profit you wish to make form it.

  • eBooks can be set up direct from Microsoft Word documents or Abode Acrobat PDF docs.

  • eBooks do not necessarily need a cover design - and are easier to layout (computer fonts can be used and readers of eBooks tend to be far more forgiving of layout (i.e. they do not need typesetting).

One combination that works particularly well is to link your eBook on Amazon with a website on the subject of your book. Hopefully, if visitors are interested by the website, they will be inclined to follow your link to Amazon and purchase the book. Of course it is possible to do the same with printed books, but an eBook version can be far more attractively priced and has the advantage that it is instantly downloadable. Another benefit to you of this method is that Amazon will do all the transaction processing and our service channel will look after the download control for.

Setup price for an eBook is �80. As listed above, the London Press fee is 20% of list price.

Please contact us for more details of this service.