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Organising Drop Shipments of Books With The London Press

Drop shipments of books are useful if you would like to do some distribution, sales (or send outs for reviews) yourself - or if particular organisations are interested in copies of your books for internal purposes. Theoretically, drop shipments can be sent to any address in the world (though shipping can become quite expensive to certain countries). If you are intending to use our POD service, an important factor guiding setup (we have several POD channel options) is whether you will be making drop shipments to North America.

We deal with two categories of drop shipments. The first is included with our POD self publishing channel and books are always priced at standard print unit costs + 15% (The London Press charge) + shipping.

The second category is for drop shipments of much larger quantities of litho printed books. Generally these books are outside of a POD channel (though it could be the same book if your own requirements are high enough) - and we would need to provide you with a specific quote for each print run of books.